Storm Sewer

Storm water sewers and storm drains have their own requirements separate from sanitary sewers. They’re designed to carry off rainwater runoff, which is carried away through underground pipes or open ditches. Storm sewers and storm drains need to be installed and maintained correctly to make sure water goes where it needs to go, especially after heavy storms or snow melt. Baker Enterprises, Inc can make sure that happens. We’ve been offering our excavating services to the Northeast Iowa area for 20 years, and we’ve dug many storm sewers in that time.


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Why You Need an Experienced, Knowledgeable Contractor for Storm Sewers & Underground Utilities

There are different types of storm sewers, and there are different considerations depending on the particular area and type of project. If a storm sewer isn’t installed properly, it can lead to a variety of problems due to backups and ensuing water damage. Backed up or inefficient storm drains can affect vehicle and foot traffic on streets and sidewalks, too. An experienced contractor can make sure that drainage systems are done correctly so they work properly for many years to come.

Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows Storm Sewer Excavation

Baker Enterprises, Inc is a reputable excavation company with many years of experience throughout the Northeast Iowa area. We provide a variety of excavating services for farm, commercial, residential, and public projects. We know the area well and we have a great crew of employees with the best materials, tools, and equipment. We’ll work with you to get your storm water sewer, drainage systems and underground utilities done affordably, on time, and with expertise.