Laser Screed

The latest advances in construction technology offer better ways to give you a higher quality end product. If you’re looking for perfectly flat concrete floors, Baker Enterprises’s Laser Screed technology is what you’re looking for.


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What Is a Laser Screed?

A laser screed is a self-propelled, four-wheel-drive unit with its own onboard computer system and an automatic laser control system. The screed’s head has three distinct components: a plow, an auger, and a vibrator. The plow spreads the concrete in an even layer. The auger scrapes off excess concrete to finished grade, and finally, the vibrator creates a smooth, strong, compacted surface. The computer system provides the commands to ensure the right elevation height, and meanwhile, the laser control system works to ensure a level, accurate finish.

Why Laser Screed Technology?

Laser screed technology is an automated system that provides extremely accurate, fine-tuned, laser-precision results. If you have a large floor area that needs to be extremely level, laser screed technology is the way to go. Accuracy isn’t its only benefit: it also saves time because the laser screed moves fast. It can reach finished grade in a single pass thanks to the different components of the machine working together, allowing you to meet deadlines and budgets while also getting a very high-quality result.



Baker Enterprises Knows Concrete

We’ve been in the concrete business for 20 years, and we are always excited to provide new and better ways to get the quality results you are looking for. Laser screed technology is one of the ways we are meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. If you need any type of concrete flatwork, give us a call. We’re happy to give you a free quote for our laser screeding services.