Parking Lots

Parking lots need to be safe and attractive. They need to be designed for proper water runoff and they need to last for many years under heavy traffic. Baker Enterprises, Inc has built hundreds of parking lots for businesses across Iowa, and our paving experts know how to get the job done right.


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Why Use Concrete for Parking Lots?

While asphalt is still a popular choice, there are many reasons to choose concrete parking lots instead:

  • Affordable installation—Asphalt used to be the more affordable choice, but its costs have increased to the point where it’s nearly comparable to concrete.
  • Low maintenance—Concrete doesn’t require frequent resealing or resurfacing like asphalt, and repairs are kept to a minimum when the concrete is installed properly.
  • Good load-carrying capacity—Concrete parking lots are designed for strength and weight-carrying ability so they can last many years even with heavy traffic.
  • Light color—The light color is good for two reasons: first, it is more visible at night (and thus safer), and second, it maintains a lower summer temperature.
  • No potholes—While asphalt is subject to ruts and potholes, concrete is rigid and very strong, and it can carry heavy loads without getting damaged.
  • Eco-friendly—The water runoff from concrete surfaces is low toxicity compared to most asphalt parking lots and roads.
  • Decorative options available—You can get colored or patterned decorative options to improve the appeal of your concrete parking lot.

Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows Concrete Parking Lots

Baker Enterprises, Inc is a reputable concrete construction company with many years of experience in Northeast Iowa. We build sturdy concrete parking lots for industrial and commercial buildings in a variety of industries. We know the area well. We’ll design your concrete parking lot to withstand the harsh freezing temperatures of Iowa winters so that you won’t have to worry about problems due to cracking and settling. Our parking lots are designed to last!

Since Baker Enterprises, Inc offers both excavating services and concrete services, we can prepare your site for the parking lot, build the concrete parking lot, and then clean up afterward. You’ll only have to work with one company during this entire process.