Building Foundations

There’s a reason for the cliché phrase about “setting a good foundation” or “building a strong foundation.” Foundations are a crucial starting point for any building project, large or small, and at Baker Concrete, we’ll make sure your foundation is done right.


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Why You Need an Experienced, Knowledgeable Concrete Contractor

When building a foundation, the concrete needs to be perfectly level or the rest of the project won’t go as planned, causing delays and expensive corrections or a house that isn’t level. The subgrade needs to be correctly compacted and sturdy so that the ground beneath won’t fail, even in a heavy rain. And if the concrete isn’t mixed, reinforced, or cured properly, it can cause cracks, leaks, mold or mildew, and even collapsed areas.

Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows Foundations

Baker Enterprises, Inc is a trusted concrete construction company with many years of experience in Northeast Iowa. We build sturdy concrete foundations for houses, mobile homes, sheds and barns, steel buildings, and commercial buildings. We know the area well. We’ll design your concrete foundation to withstand the harsh freezing temperatures of Iowa winters. That way, your house, commercial building, or outbuilding will last for decades to come.

Since Baker Enterprises, Inc offers both excavating services and concrete services, we can prepare your site for the foundation, build the foundation, and clean up afterward. You’ll only have to work with one company during this entire process. We will complete the following tasks and more:

  • Ground breaking and excavation
  • Grade the lot
  • Test for compaction
  • Dig trenches for footings
  • Level the site
  • Install rebar
  • Pour footings
  • Pour concrete
  • Install stemwalls
  • Pour slab
  • Clean up and prepare site for framing crew.