Curb & Gutter

Concrete curb: you see it along the edges of streets, parking lots, and sidewalks everywhere you go. Nearly every commercial and residential building project needs strong, sturdy, well-designed curbs to add strength to sidewalks, help define borders, collect and divert water, and add attractiveness to the area. Baker Concrete is here to install curbs and concrete gutter work anywhere in Northeast Iowa.


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Why You Need an Expert Curb and Gutter Installer

Curbs and gutters have many important functions:

  • They divert water runoff the drainage structures, ensuring that you don’t have standing water or water sitting underneath the pavement after heavy rains or snow melt.
  • They strengthen and fortify pavements, like sidewalks, adding safety and ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • A functional and good-looking curb also (quite literally) adds volumes to your property’s “curb appeal,” which is an important consideration no matter what type of property you own.
  • Plus, properly-installed curbs and gutters are an important safety consideration for anyone walking down the sidewalk or through the parking lot.

Baker Enterprises, Inc employs a team of expert concrete workers who understand the right way to build curbs and gutters to benefit your property.

Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows Curbs and Gutters

Baker Enterprises, Inc has been constructing concrete curbs and gutters all over Northeast Iowa for nearly twenty years and knows what it takes to build curbs and gutters that function well, look great, and remain durable for years to come. We have the equipment, resources, quality materials, and experience needed to complete the job. Baker Enterprises, Inc knows that your construction project is about more than just installing concrete curbs or gutters. That is why we’re responsive to your needs throughout the entire construction process, from start to finish.

Since Baker Enterprises, Inc offers both excavating services and concrete services, we can prepare your site, build your curbs, gutters, and other concrete structures such as driveways, sidewalks, water mains, and more. Plus, we’ll clean up afterward and leave you with no mess, just a professional quality result. You’ll only have to work with one company during this entire process.