Ponds are a great way to add value and beauty to your rural property. Lush green lawns and pastures look idyllic when there is a pond in view. Ponds can also provide drinking water for cattle, help to recharge the ground water table, provide a habitat for wildlife like frogs and water birds, and help sustain your farm during droughts. You can even stock your pond with fish to add even more enjoyment and usefulness. However, ponds are not as simple to install as they might seem—there’s far more to it than just digging a hole and filling it with water.


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Why You Need an Experienced, Knowledgeable Excavator for Ponds

There are a multitude of considerations to keep in mind when designing and installing a pond. Existing structures, trees, landscaping, and utilities need to be taken into consideration on the pond site and the surrounding area. The area should be assessed with a laser level to determine the high and low areas in relation to the viewing areas. Rainfall, snowmelt, watershed, and winter temperatures need to be taken into consideration. Soil will need to be assessed because clay, rock, bedrock, and sandy soil can all affect the structure of the pond. Supplementary soil may need to be brought in to create the right slopes. When constructing the pond itself, ledges and terraces must be built to avoid dangerous drop-offs, the correct filters and piping will need to be installed, and the dirt must be dug to ensure the proper depth for your needs. Failing to take these considerations into account can result in costly problems later on.

Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows Pond Excavation

Baker Enterprises, Inc is a trusted concrete and excavating company with many years of experience in the Northeast Iowa area. We have the equipment, resources, and experience needed to complete the job. Baker Enterprises, Inc knows that installing your beautiful new pond entails more than simply digging a hole. That’s why we’re responsive to your needs throughout the entire construction process, from start to finish, and our experienced crew will work to meet your specific requirements with great attention to detail.