Box Culverts

Box culverts are a necessary solution for a variety of drainage and underground utility systems, especially when a storm drain, storm sewer, or waterway runs underneath a roadway, railroad, pedestrian crossing, livestock crossing, or golf cart crossing. Box culverts can also be used for utility tunnels, short span highway bridges, groundwater recharge systems, and underground stormwater retention structures. Baker Enterprises, Inc is a reputable installer of box culverts throughout the Northeast Iowa area.


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Why You Need an Experienced, Knowledgeable Excavator for Box Culverts

There are several steps that go into box culvert installation. First, the site needs to be prepared by a contractor who understands the importance of bedding the structure correctly according to the ground conditions. The bed needs to support the extremely heavy load of the box culvert itself, its contents, and anything that will be on top of it. This requires removing any unstable materials like rocks, excavating to the proper depth, leveling the subgrade, making sure it is compacted, and more. Surface and subsurface water must be controlled during excavation and construction. Joints must be sealed properly depending on a variety of different factors, and finally, the area needs to be backfilled carefully and with the correct materials. If any of these steps are performed incorrectly, the box culvert will not be efficient and durable over time.

Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows Box Culverts

As experienced excavators, we know the ground conditions in the Northeast Iowa area and we will ensure your box culvert is prepared, installed, sealed, and backfilled correctly. Our crew has installed countless box culverts, and we also take care to use the highest quality materials and equipment while maintaining affordability. We work hard to meet deadlines, conduct our work with integrity, and fulfill all your concrete and excavating needs.