Site Preparation

Before building any type of structure, whether it’s a house or a sidewalk, you need to hire a professional excavator to prep the site. It’s a critical step in the building procedure, and it ensures that there is a stable working surface before any construction work starts. Baker Enterprises, Inc has 20 years of experience with excavation and concrete, and we can make sure your building project gets a solid start with our site preparation services.


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Why You Need an Expert Site Preparation Contractor

Site preparation comes even before laying the foundation of a structure. It’s critical because, no matter what type of ground you build on top of, the dirt will eventually change and move. There will always be changes in moisture and a freeze/thaw cycle to contend with.

If the ground isn’t prepared properly, the shifts in the underlying dirt can cause serious structural damage. But when a building site is properly prepared by a knowledgeable contractor with the right tools and equipment, you’ll have a longer-lasting, more durable structure that will hold up against the test of time and weather.

Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows Site Preparation

We know the right time to prep a site before building. We also have the right equipment needed to create a perfectly level, tightly compacted, and stable surface for your building project. We even have GPS and laser technology to ensure a perfectly flat and level surface. No matter what you are building, you need to start out with a properly prepared pad to build on top of. Baker Enterprises, Inc can handle this crucial first step of your construction project with ease!