ICF Walls

ICF, which stands for Insulated Concrete Forms or Insulating Concrete Forms, is a strong and long-lasting building method that is affordable, helps you save on energy costs, and allows for a fast construction process. At Baker Enterprises, Inc, we have the right tools and equipment to build durable ICF structures. ICF is versatile enough to work well in a wide variety of both commercial and residential building projects, and we’ll work with you to install the ICF wall system that works for your business or residence.


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What are ICF walls and how are they built?

ICF structures contain panels of expanded polystyrene and ties made of high-density polyethylene. This creates a “form” and provides the desired shape and size for the wall. It also allows space for small utilities to run through. Next, steel reinforcers are added for strength, and then the whole form is filled with concrete. The result is low maintenance, fire-resistant for 2-4 hours, extremely long-lasting and durable, sound-dampening, and very energy efficient.

ICF for Commercial Buildings

Schools, churches, apartment buildings and condos, office buildings, theaters, retail buildings, warehouses, storage facilities… the list goes on and on. Nearly any type of commercial or industrial building can be constructed with ICF. We know that your buildings need to add value to your business and operate efficiently, and with ICF you’ll have a cost-effective and energy-efficient building that will stand the test of time.

ICF for Homes and Basements

Even though wood frames are the most common way to construct homes, you can actually build a fantastic home using ICF technology. It’s more solid and dependable over the long run and it’s nearly as affordable. You can also build your basement with ICF rather than a traditional poured basement. Then, you can build your ICF or wood frame house on top.



Baker Enterprises, Inc Knows ICF

Baker Enterprises, Inc is your local ICF installer for the Northeast Iowa area. We have the equipment, resources, and experience needed to complete the job. Baker Enterprises, Inc knows that it’s about more than just building a wall. We’re responsive to your needs throughout the entire construction process, from start to finish.